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Transformation of News Media: How the Internet Pulls the Strings 

The means by which people are able to obtain information has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. Before the internet was created, TV, print media, and radio were the only reliable sources for anyone searching for the most interesting stories or fresh publications on the economy, politics, and technology. However today, it may not be necessary that you leave your bed or lose the comfort of your own couch in pursuit of the most recent news at, and that's because you've got internet-enabled devices like smartphones that offer access to the most popular news websites, blogs, and other internet-based news platforms.


Over the course of the 20th century, attention gradually shifted from newspapers to radio before switching to TV. With every transition, the previous form of media was rendered slightly more irrelevant. No matter the transformation in relevance of different forms of media at any single point in time, the main observation from the scenario is that people will always prefer any media that offers them information in the quickest and most convenient way, and they won't hesitate to embrace technology that enables them to do exactly that.



It may be a fact that TV, radio, and newspapers are still relevant today, but these are no longer where people around the world first rush to for breaking news despite being the more credible sources. The internet--social media sites and blogs to be specific, has shown the ability to supply news and information to the masses in real-time. And the masses today anticipate news to come to them precisely this way--in real time. Be sure to visit this website at for more details about newspaper articles.


Many members of the public nowadays follow the main news outlets on social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, to obtain the most recent news. As such, people don't want until prime time news on TV or tomorrow's newspaper to know what's going on locally and around the world. Mainstream media outlets are not finding it any easy to cope with this desire for real time news.


Nowadays, the means for supplying news has changed, and media providers have had to transform too. Conventionally, reporters and journalists thoroughly researched and fact-checked their stories before delivery to ensure accuracy. Yet, these experts have to handle the pressure to release information as quickly as practical before the blogs preempt them. The actual problem emanates from the requirement to provide real-time news ensuring there's accuracy, quality, and responsibility.


So, what is your source of current, interesting news? For sure, the internet is a place you can always rely on for real time stories, as long as you've determined several trusted outlets, blogs, or websites at