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How Social Media is Redefining News Today

The digital scenery, thanks to increased internet access around the world, has transformed the way things are accomplished in many aspects of our socioeconomic life, without sparing marketing and media. If you like to read your interesting news on a daily basis today, chances are that you're not turning to TV or the local newspaper. But that's possible for you since there are numerous digital news companies that are online-based and which substantially use social media to tell their narratives and engage their audiences. As such, social media continues to play a big role in the way media organizations are able to publish and promote their news content, be it articles or videos.


What Gives Social Media the Power to Influence the Way News is Accessed?


The reason why major media outlets are unable to ignore social media has everything to do with social networking sites being the most popular internet destinations today. As such, any individual that writes news articles for a living may not find you unless they try Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. This is also very convenient for you as a reader, because, you want important news to find you where you're online most of the time as opposed to you having to start searching for news on Google. For more facts about news, visit this website at


Social Media Users Participation in News


One interesting thing about news obtainable through social media is that it allows participation by users in numerous ways. Some research has shown that half of social media users, such as Facebook, are involved in the sharing of news items in the form of images, articles, and videos. At the same time, almost half of social networking site users have discussed a news item, by commenting, tweeting, or liking. 


Yet, there's even smaller fraction of social media members that are covering their own news content and publishing it via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. This level of participation has played part in the spreading of news that has finally gone viral, such news on riots and natural disasters.


Is Social Media an Ideal Source of Timely Breaking News?


These answers to that question are not a straightforward yes or no. To begin with, social media platforms are not cast in the mould of news websites, and media outlets post news on their websites before publishing them on social media. But if you're comparing social media websites with TV or tomorrows newspaper as sources of breaking news, then Facebook and Twitter may win because they can update you anywhere you are, even if travelling.


Yet, as a news consumer, you may remain posted by selecting a news at this website which you could track on social media for timely updates.